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Hi, I am Pascal

Pascal Wenker

Senior Data Scientist / Data Engineer at inovex

I am a professional software developer and machine learning engineer. My main research area is artificial intelligence, with a focus on deep reinforcement learning. But I am also interested in other research fields, for example, (cognitive) neuroscience & learning theory: I love learning ! In my free time, I enjoy a mix of hobbies, including playing chess, jazz piano, reading books and practicing mixed martial arts.

ML Engineer
Data Scientist
Data Engineer
Software Developer
Cognitive Scientist



Senior Data Scientist / Data Engineer
inovex GmbH

Aug 2021 - Present, Cologne, Germany

inovex is an IT project center driven by innovation and quality, focusing its services on ‘Digital Transformation’

  • Data Science & Data Engineering

Machine Learning Engineer
Nexocraft GmbH

Apr 2019 - Jul 2021, Bonn, Germany

Machine Learning for industries.

  • AI Research & Development

Data Science Working Student
Recogizer GmbH

Sep 2016 - Apr 2019, Bonn, Germany

Artificial Intelligence for HVAC in Real Estate

  • Machine/Reinforcement Learning & Data Science and Visualization


Master's Degree Computer Science
CGPA: 4 out of 4
  • The University of Bonn is one of eleven German Universities of Excellence, the only university with six Clusters of Excellence and more Nobel Prize winners and Fields Medalists have emerged from from it in the past decades than from any other German university.
  • I gained deep theoretical knowledge about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning via the intelligent systems focus track.
Bachelor's Degree Cognitive Science
CGPA: 3.7 out of 4
  • I gained insights into Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience, Psychology, Philosophy & theoretical Computer Science.


Owner Jan 2020 - Present

An open-source and free chess training app.

AI & Health
AI & Health
Owner April 2020 - Present

Research repository for AI/ML in Healthcare and Medicine.

Data Engineering
Data Engineering
Owner Dec 2021 - Present

Notes and summaries for Udacity’s Data Engineer Nanodegree


Data Engineer Nanodegree
Udacity August 2021 - Nov 2021

In this course I learned to (i) Create user-friendly relational and NoSQL data models (ii) Create scalable and efficient data warehouses (iii) Work efficiently with massive datasets (iv) Build and interact with a cloud-based data lake (v) Automate and monitor data pipelines (vi) Develop proficiency in Spark, Airflow, and AWS tool